• the most popular styles of pizza
    Among the most popular types of pizzas in Fort Worth, we can find everything. From the most traditional with the Italian flavor that has managed to conquer the palates of all continents, to the most exquisite adaptations that would make the hair stand on end to those who defend classic preparations tooth and nail.

    At the Pizza Bistro, we like traditional food, we couldn’t deny it, but we also love seeing how dishes evolve with mixtures of ingredients and flavors. That is why we tell you about the most popular types of pizzas.

    Margarita Pizza

    A classic among the most traditional recipes that pizza has. Its original name in Italian is Margheritta, as a tribute, legend has it, to the queen of Italy at the end of the 19th century, Margaret of Savoy.

    Can it be more Italian? It can be. In addition to the origin of its name, the traditional ingredients have the colors of the country’s flag. The green color of the basil, the mozzarella cheese represents the white and the tomatoes are the red stripe.

    Although today, especially outside the boot-shaped country, any local pizza restaurant selling pizza with cheese, tomato and basil bears this name, Italian tradition dictates that the dough for a margarita must be thin.

    Four Cheese Pizza

    When searching for pizza near me, it is very common to find this pizza with its Italian name in the different restaurants that prepare it. Due to the variety of cheeses that exist, it is one of the most adapted, however, if you want to make one with the classic touch of Italy, you have to follow the rules.

    In the traditional preparation of this type of pizza in pizza wings and beer in North Fort Worth, the pizza is divided into four parts, each with a type of cheese as the protagonist. These have to be mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola cheese, parmesan cheese, and fontina cheese. However, it is also common to find preparations with ricotta, provolone or blue cheese.

    Pizza de Pepperoni

    We leave traditional Italian preparations for a moment to talk about this pizza of American origin. That spicy touch provided by pepperoni, a sausage similar to salami, complements very well with tomato and cheese.

    If you like to add more flavors, a few basil leaves and a little oregano make this pizza a flavor bomb for the palate. This pizza is common to get in local pizza restaurants in Fort Worth.

    Four Seasons Pizza

    Like the four-cheese one, here it is also necessary to divide the pizza into four parts, in addition to giving us a good dose of freedom to experiment. However, instead of using different cheeses, different ingredients are used that represent the four seasons.

    In classic preparations, artichokes are often used to represent spring, ham as a symbol of the cold of winter, olives for the summer sun and mushrooms are autumn. You can also find versions with seafood, corn or bell pepper, among others.

    Pizza with mushrooms

    Its original name is funghi pizza and its protagonist is mushrooms, usually mushrooms, although it is also common to find it with portobellos. The traditional preparation includes only cheese and tomato sauce. You can get this when you search for pizza near me.

    Hawaiian Pizza

    Loved by some, hated by others. Hawaiian pizza can raise a whole debate between the mixture of sweet and fruity flavors, with more salty preparations. Regardless of your preference, it is undeniable that it is one of the most famous types of pizza on the planet. You can exclusively get it included in your pizza delivery north Fort Worth.

    The use of pineapple on a layer of mozzarella cheese and tomato, usually accompanied by pieces of ham, is a very interesting combination, but one that Italians cannot stand. If one day you want to enter into a true gastronomic debate, you can defend the Hawaiian pizza with a lover of the traditional ones, it will surely be an interesting discussion in a local pizza restaurant.

    Marinara pizza

    After stepping on a thorny ground with Hawaiian pizza, we return to another of the classics. There are few discussions here because the marinara is spectacular despite its simplicity, that is, the few ingredients it has.

    Apart from the thin dough, nothing else is made with marinara sauce, prepared with tomatoes, onions, garlic and aromatic herbs. With a touch of oregano and olive oil, the taste buds travel directly and non-stop to Italy.

    Neapolitan pizza

    If we want to understand the importance and impact that pizza has had around the entire planet, we cannot forget the Neapolitan pizza, declared by UNESCO as Intangible Heritage of Humanity.

    It is usually made with a thicker dough, especially around the edges, which are a bit fluffy. It is prepared in a wood oven and its ingredients are similar to those of margarita pizza.

    The main ones are tomatoes and mozzarella cheese, accompanied by anchovies, capers, garlic or olive oil.

    New York Pizza

    We are going to end this list with two types of pizzas that are a little different, once again, from the traditions of Italy, but that does not mean that they are not spectacular. We return to the United States to tell you about pizza in the Big Apple.

    Unlike all the previous ones, the New York pizza is usually eaten by slices, instead of a whole round pizza. It has a thin but flexible dough, as well as thick edges.

    It is also common to accompany it with some additional sauce to spread the edges. As for the ingredients, apart from tomato sauce and cheese, there is a huge variety, but it can include vegetables, meat and/or ham.

    Pizza Fugazza

    We couldn’t talk about popular pizzas outside of Italy and not mention a representative from Latin America. Fugazza originates from Argentina, where we have a gastronomic tradition with a special connection to Italy.

    As more yeast is used when preparing the dough, it is thicker and fluffier compared to traditional ones. It usually has onion, a good amount of cheese and olives.


    Not suitable for the most delicate palates, Diávola pizza is distinguished by the spicy flavor of its sauce, which must be noticed in each bite. But also, from the rest of the ingredients, which enhance that fiery touch even more: chorizo, salami, even chili and a generous amount of cheese with character.

    The American version of this pizza replaces the salami with pepperoni, a variety of Italian sausage that is also spicy but with a smokier flavor and seasoned with paprika or chili.


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