• Benefits to your organization:

    • Each TPB “Pizza Card” is an affordable $15 to your supporters.
    • NO UPFRONT COST to your organization
      • You receive the cards in advance of your fundraiser.  Any cards that were not purchased at the end of your fundraiser are returned to TPB at NO COST to you
      • Payment is not made to TPB until the end of your fundraiser after you have collected funds
    • This card is of real value & affordable to your supporters. Just one visit could make up the cost of the card!
    • Purchase the cards you’ve sold AFTER your fundraiser from TPB for only $5 each.
    • Your organization will profit $10 per card sold.
    • BONUS: TPB will also throw in a Pizza Party as an incentive to your highest seller! (details to be discussed). 

    Our packets start with bundles of 250 cards and up! Set up your order today!

    We value the relationships with our local schools and organizations.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

    Please call Meagan at 817-905-6473 or email meagan@pizzatx.com

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